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Question 1 : John ______ on business trips.

 often goes  
 goes often  
  is going often  
 is often going  

Question 2 : It was a tedious and long week, I ______ anything.

 haven't done  
 didn't do  
 don't do  
 have done  

Question 3 : Daniella has been selling houses ______.

 for three years  
 since four years  
 three years ago  
 in two years  

Question 4 : ______ each other for a long time ? Yes, since we were at school.

 Have you been knowing  
 Do you know  
 Have you known  
 Did you know  

Question 5 : What ______ you ______ right now ?

 are / doing  
 does / do  
  have / done  
 do / do  

Question 6 : The woman standing opposite me was very uptight she obviously ______ for someone a long time.

 would wait  
 had been waiting  
 had waited  

Question 7 : She ______ swim very well when she was younger but not anymore.

 used to  
 had used to  
 had been using to  
  was used to  

Question 8 : More and more people will have to ______ computer keyboards.

 get used to use  
 get used to using  
 used to  

Question 9 : The phone is going, would you mind ______ it ?

 to answer  

Question 10 : I will do my shopping tonight it will save me from ______ on Saturday.

 to queue  
 having queued  

Question 11 : You can not stop me ______ what I want !

 that I do  
 to do  

Question 12 : Would you like ______ a message ?

 me to leave  
 me leaving  
  that I leave  

Question 13 : I’m going to ______ in the mountains.

  have built a house  
 have a house built  
 make a house building  
 make built a house  

Question 14 : The publisher Paul Raymond is ______ the richest man in Britain.

  told to  
 said being  
 said to be  
 said be  

Question 15 : Paul Raymond is ______ buying up properties over forty years ago.

 known to start  
 know to be starting  
  known to have started  
 knew to start  

Question 16 : The back up system ______ turned on by that time.

  is being  
  will have been  

Question 17 : When we ______ in London we ______ by the manager and the work team.

  will arrive / will be arriving  
 will be arriving / would meet  
  arrive / will be met  
 be arrived / would be meeting  

Question 18 : I wish my boss ______ a pay rise every now and again.

 to give me  
 gave me  
 giving me  
 give me  

Question 19 : I’d rather we ______ the meeting on account of the appalling weather conditions.

 had cancelled  
 having cancelled  
  to have cancelled  

Question 20 : The most important thing is that he regularly ______ English classes.

 would attend  

Question 21 : The man ______ pipe is on the table is my uncle !


Question 22 : She is so untidy and never puts things ______.


Question 23 : The meeting was called ______ for want of attendees.


Question 24 : Everything he touches turns ______ gold !

 out of  

Question 25 : I am 21, you are 22 : I am ______ than you !

 more young  
 as young as  

Question 26 : When are you arriving at the train station ? I ______ at the train station tomorrow at four o'clock in the afternoon.

 will arrive  
 would have arrived  
  would arrive  

Question 27 : I don't like this show : it's ______ funny ______ interesting !

 either / or  
 both / and  
 neither / or  
 neither / nor  

Question 28 : There are ______ people at Paris Plage, it's overcrowded !

 a lot  

Question 29 : This movie is great, ______ it ?


Question 30 : If I were in your position, I ______ go on vacation


Question 31 : Can you put me through ______ ?

 to mister Black  
 mister Black  
 with mister Black  
 at mister Black  

Question 32 : Our ______ costs have increased dramatically.


Question 33 : Can you please hold the ______ ?


Question 34 : The company offers a ______ plan for its workers


Question 35 : The Johnson company has a legal issue with two different customers : as a result, it is going to ______ them next week.


Question 36 : Our goal is turn ______ into success.


Question 37 : Our business is doing very well, as a result, our ______ are up.


Question 38 : The Board members are ______ to elect a new chairman at the meeting.


Question 39 : Salary increases will not be higher than the cost of ______

 life expectancy  

Question 40 : The dispute over the fees was ______ on Saturday.


Question 41 : Before each presentation, it is necessary to ______.


Question 42 : This represents a ______ increase in contracts signed over last year.

 two fold  
  two times  

Question 43 : We are extremely busy and are working on a very ______ schedule.


Question 44 : Corporations which expand abroad usually set up ______.

  overseas operation  
 parent companies  

Question 45 : Firms on the brink of bankruptcy should usually ______ staff.

 lay out  
 lay in  
 lay off  

Question 46 : Company Jones merged with Company Mitchell : it's a ______.

 rip off  
 take over  

Question 47 : If you want to apply for this job, please send us your ______ and ______.

 resume / cover letter  
 cv / letter of motivation  
 biography / email  
 curriculum vitae / motivation letter  

Question 48 : The manager always makes such long speeches, I wish he'd get to the ______.


Question 49 : The business is great : the profit has ______ 20% compared to last year.

 increased of  
 increased by  

Question 50 : Mister Smith called to cancell his ______.


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