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Question 1 : The damages are _________ by an expert.


Question 2 : When a company faces financial difficulties, it is in _________.


Question 3 : There is a __________ of contract when one party doesn’t respect the terms.


Question 4 : A legal ________ can be consulted on legal issues.


Question 5 : A __________ is an agreement where the borrower obtains money from the bank but uses his property as a security.


Question 6 : The police ________ the law: it makes sure people respect it.


Question 7 : The contract contains various _________ of exclusivity.


Question 8 : The legal _________ to adopt a child can be long and difficult.


Question 9 : Living in a big city is sometimes hard as apartments are rare and the ________ is high.


Question 10 : The news reported that the athlete was __________ for murder.


Question 11 : When an agreement is found during a conflict, the dispute is ___________.


Question 12 : The authorities released the man as there was a _________ of evidence.


Question 13 : A __________ is the person who defends the accused.


Question 14 : In case of moral harassment on the workplace, employees can _________ legal actions.


Question 15 : The __________ is the person who occupies a property and pays a rent for it.


Question 16 : The defense presented a great _________ today.


Question 17 : The manager committed illegalities and ______________ to court by the union.

 was taken 
 is taken 

Question 18 : To ___________ a clause or contract means that it is cancelled.


Question 19 : A _________ agreement is a spoken contract between two parties.


Question 20 : In a trial, witnesses are usually ____________ to bring their version of the events.


Question 21 : If a driver exceeds the speed limit, the police can give him a _________.


Question 22 : A __________ is the person who gives an impartial verdict.


Question 23 : The surveillance camera shows the man is the robber. The accused __________ guilty.


Question 24 : In case of legal irregularity, one can ________ the decision.


Question 25 : After the ___________, the verdict is given.


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