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Question 1 : I like to exercise. I ______ every day at 8 am.

 am running  
 go running  
 have been running  

Question 2 : Take the ______.

 truck stop  
 car park  

Question 3 : I can’t wait to go on ______ !


Question 4 : Do you have any ______ ? I need to tape the flap of this enveloppe.

 scotch soda  
 scotch tape  

Question 5 : I need to go powder my nose. Where’s the ______, please ?


Question 6 : He drives a ______.


Question 7 : Leave a message on the ______ .

 answering machine  
 daily planner  

Question 8 : I made a pasta sauce with tomato, mozzarella, and ______.

 fish eggs  

Question 9 : Mark is a real ______ !

 sweet pea  

Question 10 : I just got approved for a mortgage from the ______.

  building society  
 post office  
  savings and loan association  
 summer camp  

Question 11 : Don’t let the kids eat too much ______, they’ll ruin their teeth !

 candy floss  
 cotton candy  

Question 12 : Let’s pick up the car from the ______.

 car rental  
 drive-in movie  
 sing along  
 car hire  

Question 13 : You should wrap that up in some ______ to keep it fresh.

 cling film  
 plastic bags  
 saran wrap  

Question 14 : I just opened a ______ at the bank.

 checking account  
 savings boom  
 current account  
 current deal  

Question 15 : Michael got very drunk at that party. No wonder, he was ______ all evening !

 double fisting  
 double parked  
 double whammy  
  double jeopardy  

Question 16 : I cut my finger! Have you got ______ ?

  an ectoplast  
  a band aid  
 a pansy  
 a flower  

Question 17 : I need to speak with the ______ to find out if my application for that apartment has been accepted.

 estate agent  

Question 18 : Lucy baked ______ for her daughter’s birthday party.

 candy canes  
 fairy cakes  

Question 19 : She’s going away for the next ______.

 two weeks  

Question 20 : Put some ______ on top of the cake if you want it to look nice.

 icing sugar  
  powdered sugar  
  maple syrup  

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