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Question 1 : I really must go and lie down for a while, I’ve got a ______ headache.


Question 2 : Stop ______ about the bush, James ! Just tell me exactly what the problem is.


Question 3 : I usually buy my clothes ______ : it’s cheaper than going to a dressmaker.

  on the house 
 off the peg 
  in public 

Question 4 : David is leaving on Friday. I suggest we all ______ and get him a goingaway present.

 pass the buck 
 chip in 
 dish out 
 pay on the nail 

Question 5 : The sky got very dark and soon it began to ______ down.


Question 6 : My father ______ when he found out that I’d damaged the car.

 made my blood boil 
  saw pink elephants 
 hit the roof 
 brought the house down 

Question 7 : If you want a flat in the centre of the city you have to pay through the ______ for it.

 back of your head 

Question 8 : I caught the bus by the skin of my ______.


Question 9 : Because the owner wanted a quick sale, the house went for ______.

  a loaf of bread 
 a song 
 loose change 
 a smile 

Question 10 : The accident was caused by a taxi driver ______ the traffic lights.


Question 11 : Lend me 20 pounds, please, John. I’m ______ at the moment.

 stuck up 
 down the rain 
 a bit thick 

Question 12 : She would do anything for her youngest son. He was the ______ of her eye.


Question 13 : I always get ______in my stomach before visiting the dentist.


Question 14 : Jimmy’s feeling a bit under the ______ today, but I expect he’ll be as right as ______ by the week end.

 earth / snow 
 sky / hail 
  storm / thunder 
 weather / rain 

Question 15 : I’ll never eat and drink as much as that again ! I was sick as a ______ on the way home !


Question 16 : We can’t eat this meat : it’s as tough as ______ !

 stale bread 
 old boots 

Question 17 : Nothing ever seems to bother Colin. No matter what happens, he always seems to remain as cool as ______.

 a cucumber 
 an ice cream 
  cold feet 
 an eskimo 

Question 18 : It’s hard to believe Brian and Stephen are brothers, isn’t it ? They’re as different as ______.

 margarine from butter 
  chalk from cheese 
 milk from honey 
 mars from jupiter 

Question 19 : You’ll have to shout, I’m afraid. My father’s as deaf as ______.

 a politician 
 a post 
  a leaf 
  a stone 

Question 20 : Honestly Sam ever since I’ve given up smoking I feel fit as a ______.

 an athlete 
  a frog 
 a fiddle 
 a fighter 

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