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Question 1 : They haven't really been to China, ........ they ?


Question 2 : I didn't learn much Greek ........ I was in Crete.


Question 3 : If the weather hadn't been so bad we would have ........ to the beach.

 not been 

Question 4 : I look forward ........ you next week.

 to seeing 
 to see 

Question 5 : It isn't ........ worrying about the traffic. We'll only be a few minutes late.

 of value 

Question 6 : I remember ........ up in that house with my brothers and sisters.

 to grow 
 to growing 

Question 7 : If I ........ lived in Tokyo, I wouldn't have met you.


Question 8 : Too ........ salt is not good for you.


Question 9 : All the runners have a number ........ we can quickly identify them during the race.

 so that 
 so has 
 so to 
 in order 

Question 10 : I'd rather you ........ smoke in the office.


Question 11 : A certificate from Cambridge University is a valuable ........ .


Question 12 : The phone has been out of order ........ yesterday afternoon.


Question 13 : Would you ........ opening the window please ?


Question 14 : Good! I … work tomorrow.

 don't have to 
 haven't got to 
 should have to 

Question 15 : He turned ........ the offer of a new job and stayed with his present employer.


Question 16 : My husband, ........ favourite hobby is stamp collecting, has many rare stamps.


Question 17 : ......... being 70 years old he is very fit and healthy.


Question 18 : You should take an umbrella ........ it rains and you get wet.

 in case 

Question 19 : She's an old friend- I…her…years.

 â€™ve known, for  
 know, for  
 â€™ve known, since 
 know, since  

Question 20 : I went to London…clothes.

 for buy 
 for to buy 
 for buying 
 to buy 

Question 21 : If you were ever in trouble, I would give you all the help you

 will need 
 would need 

Question 22 : Nobody phoned, did…?


Question 23 : I wish I … more time.

 would have 
 will have 

Question 24 : This is the first time I …a sports car.

 \'ve driven  
 â€™m driving drive 

Question 25 : We can't use the new conference hall yet because it ….. .

 â€™m driving drive 
  is still building 
 is still being built 
 is built yet  

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